Music video X “Scottish Girl” by Fratellislip.

She grabs you, takes you, run!
This is a Scottish Girl and is told within the video made for the release of the homonymous single.
Fun and frenzy were the main sensations that gave life to this project, the story of the carefree evening of three friends eager to leave their mark on their night.

The project of the music video “Scottish Girl”, to be released on all platforms on 20 September 2019, is carried out in collaboration with a production made up of Camilla Magnano, Nicoletta Piccolo and Matteo Morra.

Year: 2019          Band: Fratellislip

Direction and Editing:
Manuel Maccario
Video operator / DOP: Matteo Morra
Production: Nicoletta Piccolo
Stylist / Logistic: Camilla Magnano
Actors: Alexia Saggese, Carlotta Burzio, Chiara Petrella, Andrea Nicoletti, Fabio Dal Vecchio, Nicolò Smania, Fratellislip

Video musicale "Scottish Girl" 03
Video musicale "Scottish Girl" 04
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She’s gonna trick you boy

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