Commercial video for the new K-way collection: Le Vrai Remix

The spot for the launch of K-way “Le Vrai Remix” collection was filmed in an urban context.
Colors, lines and dynamism are the fundamental points of the project.
The whole project is based on the contrast between day and night.

The collection also tells the story of the brand.
Le Vrai is part of the first lines launched by K-Way during its rise to the success of the fashion market.
This project relaunches the collection in a further contrast between the past and present generations that see the release of clothing created for their needs.

The project is carried out in collaboration with Sofia Patafi to carry out her thesis with the partner brand K-way.

Year: 2018          Brand: K-way

Direction and Editing:
Manuel Maccario
Actors: Michael Marata, Balla Diagne, Rossella Castagnotto, Cesar Tejeda, Isabella Perino

11 Collezione Le Vrai Remix K-Way
22 Collezione Le Vrai Remix K-Way
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This is Le Vrai Remix

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