Documentary: Barber’s Chair for Bullfrog Barbershop

Barber’s Chair is a documentary of the brand.
It was born with the intention of showing the human and the emotional side of those who really live the barber shop: the barbers.
This project takes its first step with the choice of three of the main faces of the brand. In fact, the two head barbers and the founder of Bullfrog are the first protagonistsof this series that has the opportunity to give voice to the ideas of the “Rana Toro” barbers.

The format is structured as a monologue interview.
The barber interviewed tells his story, his relationship with the world of barbershops and his experience within Bullfrog.
The context always change while remaining in the barbershop. It’s a perfect location to tell this story.

Year: 2019          Brand: Bullfrog Barbershop

Direction and Editing:
Manuel Maccario
Protagonists: Romano Brida, Martina Carnevale, Nicola Crocco

Barber's Chairs - Bullfrog Barbershop - Nicola Crocco 01
Barber's Chairs - Bullfrog Barbershop - Martina Carnevale 08
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Barber’s Chair – Official trailer

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Personalized stickers X Bullfrog Barbershop

An important aspect for the project and for the barbershop is sharing of contents.
Instagram is certainly the most used and most followed social network.
For this reason, personalized stikers have been studied and created.
The emotions experienced within Bullfrog can be transmitted through the stikers.

9 stickers have been created divided into three different categories:

Institutional stickers: this is a content with a strong use of the brand.
It is mainly used internally and therefore makes strong use of it for the publication of stories during events, product launches, special openings, etc …
They are basic stickers that show a lot of the logo and it’s focused on the company’s main hashtag: #effettobullfrog.

Sticker Barbers Life: these are contents created by barbers for barbers. These are stickers related to the world of barbershop that update the contents on the Instagram.

Generic sticker: this kind of content must be able to be used by users. These are useful for sharing content on barbershops or on totally different topics.
Stickers have been developed that a hypothetical user could use to communicate actions not necessarily related to the world of barbershop or Bullfrog.

All the stickers are available on Instagram by adding a gif to your stories and checking the “Bullfrog” tag.