Music video “Quello che non luccia” by the artist: ZEDR

The song is a project that dives into today’s society.
“Quello che non luccica” is a social complaint that aims to raise awareness of the right use of technology in the 21st century, but also a study to discover and understand the various types of people who populate this large community.
Zedr is the minstrel of this path, where a silent screamer, the mime, is the tired and rebellious protagonist of a now superficial world.
He will then be able to rediscover the joy in the small passions that made him the man he is.

The music video project “What does not shine”, coming out on all platforms on 25th of May 2020, is carried out in collaboration with the production formed by Camilla Magnano, Nicoletta Piccolo e Matteo Morra.

Year: 2020          Artist: ZEDR

Direction and Editing:
Manuel Maccario
Video operator / DOP: Matteo Morra
Production: Nicoletta Piccolo
Stylist / Logistic: Camilla Magnano
Actors: Nicolò Smania, Alessandro Artuffo, Donato Le Caldare, Leonardo Zaccarelli, Camilla Magnano, Manuel Maccario

Record Label: Overdub Recordings

Quello che non luccica - ZEDR 19
Quello che non luccica - ZEDR 25
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Quello che non luccica nessuno lo vedrà

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