Official videoclip for “Parola”, by Nae M

Parola is the new song in italian language by the songwriter Alessia Giachetto a.k.a. Nae M. With a warm and clean aesthetics, we created her interpretation of the R&B english movement, all adapted on the features of her song.


The video project is produced by The Seekers. It’s at a minimal and white aesthetics in the limbo where the dancers recreated some poses inspired by 700’s art.
The limbo is contrasted by the internal location that look so vintage and adds narrative at the video.

Year: 2021          Brand: Nae M

Manuel Maccario
D.O.P.: Matteo Morra
Project Manager: Nicoletta Piccolo
Styling: Camilla Magnano
Dance Crew: Elisa Bergamini, Petra Audrey Mangoua Youaleu, Sofia Arena, Giulia Lizzi, Seth Jo, Raphael Parascandolo

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Dimmi soltanto una vera parola…

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