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marte 01 - nularse

Non Cambierà – Nularse

By Flow

Non cambierà - Nularse

Working with music could permit you to live wonderful experiences. These situations allow you to imagine new scenarios, sometimes these are magic.
Working and taking photos on the set of the song “Non cambierà”, by Nularse, we saw a piece of that magic I talked about. Water was a key element in that magic.

Kappa and K-Way Lookbook 2021

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Kappa® and K-Way® Lookbook 2021

*videos selected by the lookbook

In 2020, digital contents were protagonists of communication in fashion.
Kappa® e K-Way® had digitalized their lookbooks used videos.
Design and fitting was exalted creating the illusion to see them live.



By Flow


Anxiety is the cornerstone of this project.
Inside the Maria Adelaide Hospital in Turin, now in disuse, an exhibition has been set up that accompanies our visitor on a journey to discover his subconscious in the moment of a personal anxiety crisis.
Fear, heaviness, and oppression. These are just some of the sensations that are transmitted within this particular exhibition.

The project is carried out in collaboration with Camilla Magnano, a graduate student in fashion design and creator of the exhibition. The project was born from a collaboration with the brand: The Others, the main independent Italian fair, dedicated to the most recent international artistic trends and with a specific focus on the latest generations.

Balla nell'ansia 01-02

Balla nell’ansia

By Flow

Balla nell'ansia

Balla has been my favorite model since the beginning. Whenever we can we do something together.

One day we were on set, we were shooting inside an abandoned hospital. It was a video about anxiety. As always, Balla and I took some pictures. He loves being photographed.

06 ema conte

È l’Ora

By Flow

È l'Ora - Emanuele Conte

The first sets are not forgotten. Surely one of the most important with whom I started was to make the video clip of “È l’Ora”, of that wonderful boy who is Emanuele Conte.
On that set I was the second, the camera assistant, the runner. I have also often been the photographer, taking some shots to tell some interesting points of view of the video.